Massage happy ending florida Portland, Oregon

massage happy ending florida Portland, Oregon

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Massage happy ending florida Portland, Oregon - April

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you? Is it what you had hoped? I am just explaining the facts and trying to get people to see how their beliefs are all that is in their way of overcoming the challenges of the economy. I love the sciences and therapeutic work. In what sort of business are you working now? Great ideas,but none of it puts food on the table.

Neither one of those sources offers a balanced perspective. But you have to work for yourself to enjoy either of those benefits. I chose massage because it offered flexibility and an opportunity to help others in their search for healing, not for the money, massage happy ending florida Portland. I attended a very good school and have a very busy massage practice. Stop trying to make yourself feel better by criticizing the rest of us. I love knowing that i am helping people, whether it be just to relax in general from their crazy life or due to a specific issue that they come in for.

People who dont like the profession i guess are just in it for the money, and no matter how much they make doing it will never be happy with it then. So if you dont like it, then quit and find something else, dont sit there and complain about it. Many days I need to be on the table as a client, myself! Looking back, I would have spent the extra time and money on PT or acupuncture school.

Nobody chains you to the table and forces you to massage. Find something else to do. Now I Oregon hearing completely the opposite, massage happy ending florida Portland.

Anyone who has some POSITIVE stories about the Massage field I would love to Oregon I am glad to hear something positive about message. I am a special education teacher looking to go into message therapy as a second career. I love the sciences and therapeutic work. I hope that it will be somewhat good pay, massage happy ending florida Portland. I am a special education teacher looking to get into message as a second career.

I only hope its worth the money put into it. Did I miss something? I only see one positive story about massage. The rest are neutral or negative. Massage is wonderful but too hard for fulltime, Oregon. I do like physical work and massage is too hard for me.

Its also hard on you emotionally because you have to listen to everyones problems. Too many people go to massage school because its quick and easy. Then most quit in a short time because its so hard and doesnt pay enough.

I do not recommend massage. I have worked in spas that unfortunately attracted these low lifes,However I have also been fortunate to have worked in spas that dont have to deal with this nonsense at all!

Location of business is crucial,as well hot stone massage studio lewisville happy ending Rochester, New York type of spa.

I currently work at a medi spa and can honestly say havent had any happy ender what so ever. Hi my name is Sarah Wester,LMT.

Im currently an intern from Heritage College in Oklahoma CityOklahoma. I wil be grauted this June, and I couldnt have pick a better field then massage therapy. Massage therapy not only hepls you relax and a spa anymore. Massage therapy has grown into hospitals, Oregon, clincs, and doctors offices.

Massage therapy is very much apart of the medical field. I think is so great that come this October the laws for massage therapy is going to get a whole lot sticter, massage happy ending florida Portland.

Like you have to be licseced and ceritfied and all the "massage parlors" are getting shut dowm!!!!!!!!!!!! You sound just like an advertisement for a massage school. Oklahoma is just starting to regulate massage.

But most states have been it for years. Those that do easily start up again. Forcing them underground only makes them stronger, like any other vice. I refer tourist clients that want that sexual services to either one. Massage is not widely accepted in surprise happy ending massage St. Petersburg, Florida yet. Have you searched for hospital jobs yet?

I have done extensive research into it. Most jobs are late Oregon. Doctors still do not care or know much about massage, massage happy ending florida Portland, except a few orthopedists. Medicare does not cover massage. Other insurance companies are decreasing massage benefits and requiring prescriptions. Yes you are right about people getting into the massage therapist business for the wrong reasons.

Massage therapy is like any other profession. After your formal educationyou have to learn the technical and business aspect of the business. You also have to decide what section of the industry you are interested in. The massage therapy industry is very vase and deciding which path to take is very vital to you loving the business and being successfull.

The beauty therapists consultants specialize in coaching potentianl canditates after the formal education on what direction to pursue, depending on their interests. This is a type of internship and we are there for you as you grow in the business. So if you are discouraged, shot us an e-mail on your concerns and we will debunk the myths for you.

Our website is abeandblog.infoe-mail thebeautytherapists I want out and I was considering massage therapy. Like I would like to be a nurse part time and do massage therapy on my own time to make up the extra cash. I have read your major complaints and am wondering besides dirty men massage happy ending florida Portland you guys may hate about your field.

I clean up poop, pee, blood, have caught many people having sex in a hospital bed with their roommate on the other side of the room. I have had patients who will masterbate in front of me without shame. I have had confused patients hit me, choke me, or curse me out with abandon.

This is the reality of nursing. I do not Oregon a regular schedule and my job can chose at any moment to start something like rotating shifts where I have to work both day and night shifts. This is the standard for nursing and I am not exaggerating. I went to nursing school because I wanted to help people heal and feel better.

This is what I got. Is massage better than this? You could get into medical massage and make a killing. You would have the potential of earning the same PER HOUR or a LOT more. Another grabbed my breasts, Oregon. But I handled all of it quickly. If you work in a medical setting, that kind of thing happens very rarely, Oregon. But we NEVER deal with bodily fluids. And we can work for ourselves without medical supervision, which I think is the best deal of all. Doctors can be b stards.

Even though I am not sure of the real therapeutic benefits of massage, I do know it helps people feel better by helping them relax and get in touch with their bodies. Which is good enough! Excuse me you would to need to work under medical surper vision like any other healthcare worker. Ever heard of SOAP notes. Um, WOW, girl, something seems wrong here.

Nope - I guess not a happy ending. I would get so embarassed. Ever heard of SOAP notes SOAP notes are not "medical surper vision". SOAP notes are documentation. Medical SUPERVISION means oversight by a professional with more education than you, such as an medical doctor. If you dont know the answer to that then you went to the wrong school osha is the regulations of keeping ever santize and wearing scrubs and hippa is the client confidially act!!!!!!!!

OSHA and HIPPA have absolutely NOTHING to do with massage therapy. They regulate work sites and they investigate work accidents when they feel it necessary. HIPPA really has nothing to do with massage therapy either. THEY deal with OSHA and HIPPA -surely not the massage therapist. It is very rare for a massage therapist to directly have anything to do with OSHA or HIPPA. However, a therapist is expected to follow industry regulations. My sister is an RN, so I get a lot of information from her.

I have been a legal assistant for twenty years. So I have fairly good knowledge. I had a successful business with a lot of Doctor and client referrals. It is an extremely draining profession mentally, emotionally and physically. No paid sick days or holidays, demanding clients, ones who "forget their cheque book" or cash to pay.

Get a job where you actually have a pay cheque to look forward to each week. You can be successful in massage if you learn how to take care of yourself first. Most massage therapists still have their own businesses where you can make more and also usually be happier from what I hear from people who have jobs. If you know what you are doing and work to prove to potential employers that you will be able to improve their business and make your value known you will have a much better chance of finding or creating your ideal job.

Julie Thank you so much for posting and sharing this! You have stated the honest truth full service happy ending extra service massage in san fransisco Wichita, Kansas this field.

Im a single mom,and in a year or two might be faced with no insurance. I presently DONT know of a single massage therapist who works anywhere with insurance,sickdays,personal days,etc.

Massage happy ending florida Portland personally seeking a new career,and fast,in the verge of bankrupsy. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for fourteen years.

This profession can be draining if you take advice from those who dislike it or are burned out. There are countless avenues to make great money at this.

I make enough that i can cover my own health insurance needs and vacation much more than the average person. The best part about my career is the people i work with. If you maintain the highest standards and continuously evolve yourself as a person and professional you will be surrounded with like-minded clients.

I am looking into getting into this field as a career change. I am passionate about nutrition, exerciseand overall wellbeing and I feel like massage therapy is a field that would encourage this passion that I have. I found a school that follows the pre-requisites for the national certification exam. Does this sound average to you guys? Most schools are not very good and you really start learning as you work and take continuing ed classes.

I recommend testing the waters before dedicating so much money into it. I started looking in the want ads to see what the market is like for massage therapy and was surprised to see quite a few listings in my area. How long was that program? I learned that on my own after.

The NCBTMB is truly a joke. I know every test is different, but my exam had only two questions about muscles. Most of the questions were on meridians. Yes, that is correct. The rest of the test was: Here is an emergency scenario, what do you do FIRST? The so-called ethics CEU is a joke as well. In my opinion the NCB and its requirements are a ridiculous waste of time.

If you can avoid it, do. Just read a basic massage text, take some continuing ed classes, apply your new techniques on an experienced massage practitioner and go out on your own. But I do consider myself fortunate that I have always enjoyed and been fascinated by the body, whether artistically, athletically, emotionally, psychologically or scientifically.

Since becoming a massage therapist, I can now add energetically or spiritually. I have worked as both an independent contractor and as an employee. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Corporations are coming in and seeing the money being generated, and each year they want a bigger piece of the pie. Just like everyone else mentioned, I could share many stories of my encounters with both clients and management.

Overall, I have chosen to remain massage happy ending florida Portland this profession for the time being because I absolutely love meeting people, helping them feel better, helping them learn to help themselves, continually learning about the body, you are your own "boss" for lack of better words when you are in the room giving a treatment, and hopefully the majority of your co-workers are wanting to give their best as well.

One, I have not kept up with proper body mechanics and my body is beginning to break down. I really wish you luck in this area. As a result of the poor economy in Metro Detroit, many people are cutting back on everything. I would seriously keep an open mind about relocating after school.

Is it what you had hoped? I best happy ending massage in cobb county ga Tallahassee, Florida massage, but just feel that its a bad time because of the economy.

Many clients look at it as an extra they can live without, and frankly paying the mortgage comes first. Julie likes to extol the virtues of the profession but Oregon seems the way SHE makes money is marketing ideas for other therapists, not actually hands-on work herself.

I tried on another forum once to seek advice some years ago and she labeled me as negative and needed to change my attitude. I DID have a successful business for a number of years. I feel for them. I worked myself ragged to get a decent client base - and loved it. The truth is no one who wants to make a TRUE LIVING, single or with a family and no matter what "marketing techniques" they knowis now able to do so as in the past.

California is SATURATED with unemployed therapists. I also was excited and enthused to be a therapist years ago. You somehow thought that on your own. I have to turn clients over to a person I share the office with. I make the rest of my income from writing online and teaching massage therapists how to stop complaining about the economy and start taking personal responsibility for their own economy. Yes the current national economy is down but that does not mean that yours has to massage happy ending florida Portland. It is just your belief that it does.

It takes being creative and outgoing and persistent to overcome the challenges of massage happy ending florida Portland economy. It is hard to do when you are down but it can be Oregon if you want. I am not saying it is easy or fun to go through. It is hard work to learn to uncover your unconscious beliefs that hold you back.

I am just explaining the facts and trying to get people to see how their beliefs are all that is in their way massage happy ending florida Portland overcoming the challenges of the economy.

If you want to believe that just because the nations economy is down that yours has to go down too that is your prerogative. Try being a massage therapist in the Detroit area and tell me its just my beliefs. If the sex workers are making people think badly of massage how can you make them think better of massage?

How can you become a leader to help get us out of the economic challenges and yourself too? Great ideas,but none of it puts food on the table. Thanks to Massage school, massage happy ending florida Portland, supplies, and certification, I now have thousands in loans to pay off.

Teaching massage is a little difficult when schools may not be doing so hot, massage happy ending florida Portland. I love massage, but in these difficult economic times reality tells you that you need to find a stable income stream if possible. Sign in Advanced Job Search. Anything Positve to say about Shemale massage happy ending Allentown, Pennsylvania Therapy???

Get new comments by email. You can cancel email alerts at anytime. You probably heard it was such a fantastic career from either the bodywork forums or the schools, Oregon I love being a licensed massage therapist. I loved school too. Now I have a lot of clients. That is my positive story. In response to youre frustration towards dealing with men who expect sexual favors as part of a massage,I can empathize with you.

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida said: Um, WOW, girl, something seems wrong here. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you? Okie, just what does OSHA or HIPPA have to do with massage therapy? I have a ridiculous amount of freedom, and make great money. Thanks for your comments. I guess just like any career or profession, it depends on many variables; such as: the individual, what stage of their career they are in beginning, middle or endwhat their work conditions have been, do they feel valued and respected from both their clients and their places of employment, do they enjoy the different aspects of massage, etc.

Cav in Addison Township, Michigan Oregon Thanks for your comments, Oregon. In what sort of business are you working now? Cav in Addison Township, Michigan said: Thanks, George!

And you are still taking things personally, I see. Yes they are probably hit the hardest but what Oregon you do to support the community through massage- teach classes to the public to do massage, bring massage to stressed out communities, massage happy ending florida Portland, find other ways to make money doing massage or talking about it or writing about it.

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Massage Therapist Ann Arbor, MI. View more Massage Therapist jobs. Top Cities for Massage Therapist Jobs. Find Massage Therapist Jobs by City, State, massage happy ending florida Portland, or ZIP. View Massage Therapist salaries. View Massage Therapist job trends. For jobs in France, visit Indeed France. What Advanced Job Search. Excuse Oregon ever heard of OSHA OR HIPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

massage happy ending florida Portland, Oregon