Koh phangan massage happy ending Pearland, Texas

koh phangan massage happy ending Pearland, Texas

Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Koh Samui and Koh Phangan Attractions; A lot of people when they think of Thai Massage will think of a “ Massage with a Happy Ending ”.
Koh Phangan, Thailand. A location I stayed in Haad Rin and I got several happy ending massages as well abeandblog.info BaiToey the massage place that include Boom.
friendly and the massage itself was so good koh samiu, koh samui thailand, thai massage, thailand. 2 thoughts on “ The rubdown with an unhappy ending.

When I was in Tantric Yoga school the awareness and Texas of yoni massages was inevitable. Just like every other part of our body, the yoni holds emotion and tension and it can be koh phangan massage happy ending Pearland to have these released. There are women who have experienced sexual trauma and there are many woman who have suppressed their sensuality and sexual energy.

I am fortunate not to have any history of sexual abuse, but I would say my sensuality has been suppressed and that I am just beginning to discover the potential of owning my sexuality. We sat in meditation and I made my overall intention for the session, we then made a consecration; offering the fruits of this act to the divine. Now it was time to begin the massage, I was to undress in front of her and with each piece of clothing I removed, I made an intention of what I wanted to release—this can be anything from shyness to unworthiness about past trauma.

She then asked me to contract my yoni muscles Kegel exercises, anyone? Now, koh phangan massage happy ending Pearland, you may be asking if this was at all weird, at any moment and to be honest, no! Trust me, I was waiting for it be uncomfortable. Once the pressure points were done, she went to different areas of my yoni, G spotA spotcervix and K undalini spot.

There were certain areas that were more pleasurable than others and once she hit the sensitive A spot, the focus stayed there. Once I was ready, I sat in front of the therapist and she presented me with my clothes, but this time, as I got dressed I was to make an intention of koh phangan massage happy ending Pearland I was taking with me moving forward.

Pussy massage happy ending Buffalo, New York, with each piece of clothing I made an intention of bringing something in, for example worthiness, empowerment, surrender and sexiness.

There was no awkwardness at all, and I felt totally comfortable speaking with her and asking her questions afterward. I have since, have had a yoni massage by a man, which brought up some nerves and insecurities, but again, there was no uncomfortable or awkward energy.

This is just the beginning, with my sexuality being ignored for so long, I really have to continue giving myself and my sexuality the attention it deserves. So, I now begin to step into and discover yet another aspect of myself, Texas, my sensual and sexual self. After two life changing experiences, Kerri Custquit her job and sold everything she owned to travel through Asia.

She ended up spending three months in a tantric community and had some wild experiences that really shed a lot of barriers around her sexuality and how she viewed herself.

Catch up with Kerri on her blog. Yes it was vulnerable to share but I am honoured to share my experience. Great article on a very healing modality. As a Tantra Educator I know how healing this can be for women.

Was very amused by folks reactions to it on FB, Texas. So glad we are all opening up to possibilities we never knew about. As a Tantra Educator I know how healing this very legitimate form of massage can be for women. Your article got quite a reaction on FB which I see as positive. We are all opening up to new things and that is exciting.

Hi Rachel, The only people I currently know are on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. There is a beautiful tantric community there and a few yoni massage practitioners.

Interesting especially about when your experience with a male masseuse. Free video of a nuru massage with happy ending Knoxville, Tennessee new females I see have the same concerns of nerves and insecurities when they make a booking, which is a shame but totally understandable. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, koh phangan massage happy ending Pearland.

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koh phangan massage happy ending Pearland, Texas