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By ADAM NAGOURNEYIAN LOVETTJULIE TURKEWITZ and BENJAMIN MUELLER DEC. They registered at Target when Ms. But for all the outward signs of suburban normality, this couple, according to the police, used their comfortable home in a middle-class community near here to stockpile weapons and build pipe bombs.

A few hours later, they died in a crush of bullets in a brutal face-off with the police. Saira Khan, the sister of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the suspects in the shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. As investigators puzzle over their motives, the couple — the husband born in Illinois and raised in Southern California, the wife born in Pakistan and recently living in Saudi Arabia — have emerged as one of the most perplexing pairs in the recent history of mass homicide.

Their lives, and motives, remain mysteries to investigators, who are looking at possible ties to international terrorism but have not ruled out the possibility that this was the bloody culmination of a workplace dispute. Malik were observant Muslims, described by friends as quiet and unobtrusive. He worked for the San Bernardino County health department, checking food surfaces at restaurants and bakeries and chlorine levels in public swimming pools. Far less is publicly known about Ms, love making styles marriage San Bernardino.

Farook and his mother in Redlands, about five miles from where the California took place. In registering for one of two dating services he used, Mr. Farook said he spoke Urdu, though friends said the couple spoke to each other in English. Farook was well known in the religious Muslim community here. Kuko, the director of the center. Farook stood out as one of the most devout members, wearing long robes to Friday services. Mostly when the service is over, his usual move is from the prayer to his car.

Farook grew up asian masseuse gives a massage with a happy ending Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Riverside; his parents were born in Pakistan.

He had two sisters and a brother, according to a brother-in-law, Farhan Khan. I am in shock. The father, also named Syed Farook, called his wife names, screamed at his children, hurled home appliances and, at the worst moments, grew so combative that his children had to step between him and his wife, she asserted.

Farook said in court papers, but he continued to harass her. The marriage was formally dissolved this year. Times readers responded by the thousands to a simple question: How often, if ever, do you think love making styles marriage San Bernardino the possibility of a shooting in your daily life? During those years, the family seemed to struggle with finances.

A neighbor, Victor Venegas, said that the elder Mr. Around Christmas one year, Mr. Venegas recalled, the father asked where he could buy a goat; he especially wanted a pregnant animal, saying that goat fetus was a delicacy. Venegas helped him get two. They ate one, and the family kept the other alive in the backyard, along with some chickens, where neighbors heard it bleating.

Love making styles marriage San Bernardino efforts massage parlors in maine Las Cruces, New Mexico contact the father were unsuccessful.

California was very nice. We used to play basketball in his front yard. The rest of his family was a little standoffish for whatever reason. But the children dressed in Western clothes. Roseman said that Syed did not talk about his faith or pray openly at school, California. As a teenager, Syed occasionally appeared in the same traditional dress as his father, neighbors said. He kept to himself, Mr.

Venegas said, but was friendly when approached. Farook enrolled in a graduate program in environmental engineering at California State University, Fullerton, in the fall of last year. But he continued to work for the county health department. His name appears on a county inspection report as recently as Oct.

Kuko, the director of the mosque Mr. Farook attended, said that before Mr. Kuko said he was still trying to make sense of the idea that someone like Mr. Farook could have been involved in mass murder. A woman who was wounded in the shooting, Mr. Kuko said of Mr.

Something might have happened to him mentally, physically or whatever that made him change. The error was repeated on Friday in an article about clues left by the suspects and in an article about the secrecy surrounding their plans. Adam Nagourney and Julie Turkewitz reported from San Bernardino; Ian Lovett from Riverside, Calif. Rick Rojas contributed reporting from San Bernardino, and Eric Schmitt and Michael S.

Jack Begg contributed research from New York. Tell us what you think, love making styles marriage San Bernardino. Please upgrade your browser. The New York Times. Couple Kept Tight Lid on Plans for San Bernardino Shooting. Clear this text input. Continue reading the main story. Relative of Suspects Speaks Out. In a news conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening, Farhan Khan, the brother-in-law of a suspect, Syed Farook, condemned the shooting in San Bernardino.

An article on Thursday about the shooting rampage in San Bernardino, Calif. San Bernardino Suspects Left Trail of Clues, but No Clear Motive. A Nation Wonders When Bloodshed Becomes Terrorism. Fear in the Air, Americans Look Over Their Shoulders.

Opinion Room for Debate. Does Motive Matter in Mass Shootings? Weapons in San Bernardino Shootings Were Legally Obtained. In-depth coverage about gun violence from The New York Times. Police Raid Townhouse of Suspect in San Bernardino Shooting. Where They Shared Their Working Hours, and Their Dying Moments.