Best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale, Arizona

Apr 25, 2010  · not that bad lah. considered like 4 stars that kind. located at batu ferringhi beach area massage, followed by happy ending! of course " best.
The Best Hotel In Batu Ferringhi Penang: Camelback Inn Scottsdale Arizona ; in a very mountain or possibly a Utah skiing vacation resort might make them happy.
Massage Penang Best Health Centers To Unwind Your Stress.

Best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale, Arizona - the time

My locker is just a number away from him. Not recommended on shared computers. Any chubs coming back to penang or visiting penang during the CNY holidays would like to meet up? Luxury Hotels in Batu Ferringhi. If you like to go pubs crawling and right in the city, you should try CIty bayview hotel. Check out: Click on the Malaysia icon and choose Penang.

Or sign in with one of these services. I wasted my taxi fare and time walking up and downleft and right trying to look for them. Finally come to know that, that place have turn into a beauty salon. So I headed back to hotel. The next day I visited "Leo fitness". First of allArizona, If you are stand in front of the builing the LHS of it is those shopping centre, best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale, selling all kind of thing like watch, CD, cloth, etc.

When you are inside the building walk straight to the right side of the lift. The RHS of the building are business kind of shop, where the door is all close like. Suddenly the door open a man dash out. I walk in and look at the noticeboard on the wall. Trying to find out their charger. I follow him, smoothly I enter the door next to the counter. Slowly I take to move in to the locker room on my left which is behind the computer internet room. That guy I saw just now is stirpping very fast, I spend a min watching him undress.

My locker is just a number away from him. Room were very crowded. With a towel around me and move further in to check out. There is a gym located behind the locker room, which is on the right. Next I saw the jaccuzi room on my left. Can still remember the big big smile on his face. After i finished my errands, he asked whether i was keen to go to his place as he would like to give me a bath :twisted: and a bath i was given, i just stood in his bathroom at his apartment, he gave me the usual soap and water treatment followed by the mouth and tongue washing.

But one more thing to talk about is the dark steam rooms. I play with a guy in one of the private room. He locked the door behind and we have some fun. He follow me walking around and try to wet my hole. Open nightly on weekdays and in the late afternoon on weekends. Steambath, TV room, dark room, etc. Well if you lookin for something like a go go bars for guys, well i think there is none in Batu Ferringhi, Arizona.

There some gay friendly pubs and cafe in Batu ferringhi area. Anything you wanna share and guide us on what to do while holidaying in Penang.

I have been looking for places to go for CNY period and Bkk is all booked out. Would u know if there are any good seaside resort? The room is quite old but yes the fitness center is very curisy espescially at the cold and hot pool. But the facilities are not ready eg, swimming poolm fitness center. If you like to go pubs crawling and right in the city, you should try CIty bayview hotel. G hotel is the latest in place to be in and you like shoppin it just right next door to the always packed gurney plaza.

Last but not the least - Pantai Kerachut National beaches and plenty white sand. If you are going during ChineseNew Year ,it is not worth it to travel by coach. I usually travelbyAirAsia flight JB-PEN-JB my hometown. You could really stretch your to book online and sometimes if you are lucky ,you Cheers and enjoy ur CNY! Any chubs coming back to penang or visiting penang during the CNY holidays would like to meet up?

I have some basic experience in swedish massage but would like to get some extra practice while I study for certification.

Instead of going to the parlors, u might want to call the massuer Arizona your hotel room. Enjoy your trip there. Different owner but share some masseurs, most of them did look different than their photos. Massage was bad and I think they mainly expect the extra, Arizona.

Hugo owner mentioned their other branch named Flamingo also listed in utopiaI did not go there since I believed it would be similar to Hugo. A bit disturbed by his smell and look. The only good massage I got was from foot reflexology at Prangin Mall, the owner named Jimmy was able to provide good back body massage, best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale, not bad looking and you may feel aroused by his massage style.

Pm me if you want his number. Greetings if i were to see yr post ,i would have offered u a massage abeandblog.infoahaa and save u all the trouble.

Yes Long Yang is again under some kinda of a closure and waiting for someone to take over. Anyway u did not miss much as the place is dirty and quality of massage service is not good either.

Mostly china boys who are out for a quick kill. They really need a make over completely. I am a regular at Oasis and know the owner personallyand to be frankthe quality of masseurs there has dropped. Last few years we have very good ones and i used to have a yearly budget. I have been their client for many years. Now there are more new ones there and i am very selective. As for Hugoagain its another place that i do not go, the captain is another person who will simply recommend u masseurs and mostly china boys, who do not complete their one hour ,and ask for tips practically for everything.

Of course nothing comes for free ,contact me. Aiya, you should reply this thread earlier. Sound like I was going to massage only in Penang, actually was spending most of my time looking around this beautiful place, discovering georgetown, trying delicious food, etc. Just be warned when going to Langkawi from here. The Kwan Yin statue was still under renovation at that time.

Tasting food at Gourney Road, the place was not as big as I would expected, but food was cheap and good. Gourney Plaza looks to be a high end mall with many cute people around. Tourism and Food is a better option, heheheh!!! Being a "global" penangite Arizona someone who has been away for sometime and now back.

Makes me appreciate penang even more taking things for granted when you are living there. Best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale hope more Gay singaporean can come in droves and make penang more "Gay". Blowing Wind is a Forum for the Mature Singapore Gay Man. Not recommended on shared computers. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Sign in to follow this. Sad to say the "Long Yang Servies" is no more there. Share on other sites. Well katak what is your profile and what type of guys or entertainment you ar elooking for?

So, kAtak, what is the latest in Penang? Anything you wanna share and guide us on what to do while holidaying in Penang Are the gay saunas still there or defunct? Did you try that? Hi youngyoung, Evergreen does seems like a fine hotel!

Hi youngyoung, thanks for your recommendation. I have stay in Everygreen hotel before. I prefer to stay at Gurney Hotel which is next to Evergreen. The room is big and clean with build in jacuzzi in the bathroom. It is a pure gym without steam room and pool. G hotel is very new. Last year when I was there are having opening promotion. But the make shift hawker center next to G hotel is very good, Arizona. Ilike to stay in Gurney drive because there are many nice food along the coast line.

There are a few gay sanua and massage in Penang too. Generally Panang guys are very friendly. Visit Penang Talk for more info: Well it all depends on your taste. HI Guys Highlights to Penang Food- Chendol a famous street hawker stall along Penang Rd. Leisure attraction - Best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale Farm at Batu Ferringhi Town along road way to beach. Komtar - Tallest skyscrapper building in to spend few hours shop there. Pragin Mall is next to is massage happy ending guide Kansas City, Kansas to have a value and cheap dining there.

Gurney Drive- alot of street hawkers with nice food especially Penang Laksa sour soup with boil with fish n alot of onion and pineapple andLokLok pick n dip with sauces that area there is a big shopping mall however the price is not abeandblog.infomethe are have Pasar Malam. You could really stretch your to book online and sometimes if you are lucky ,you could get cheap promotion fare Cheers and enjoy ur CNY! Hey it chinese new year time again.

Hi friends If you know any male masseur or male massage parlours in Penang, please share. Hello, I am a fit male studying to get a massage certification in PG. Hi Friends We are going to Penang next week, if you know of any male masseur or spa in Penang, please let us know. I will visit Penang by this End of Nov and stay around Georgetown area.

Any updates on latest massage places in and out call around? Asian happy ending massage video Miramar, Florida heard lots of them were closed. I will be in Penang too. Any recommendation of wat I can do?

Rent a trishaw and experience ole penang, my personal favourite way. Kek lok si is lit up like a Confucious Disneyland during the Chinese New Hoi an massage happy ending Kansas City, Kansas period.

Very beautiful in the evening. Penang is a fun place to get male massage. Check out: Click on the Malaysia icon and choose Penang. There are some good recommendations there. This topic is now closed to further replies. Go To Topic Listing. Making friends - cuddling - exercise. No sex, no BJ - just wanna prevent some unnecessary possible disease. Preferably lets swim in speedo, best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale.

Leave a message if you want a swimming buddy too. Hope everyone is doing good. Well anyway I am making this post for a reason. I am enlisting soon, I would like to go for a holiday before I enlist and if I want to go I need a extra person to join me in best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale holiday trip. I just need one person and it has to be a guy.

Well for now the details of the trip. We can visit the massage spa and sauna over there to experience the place there and take the BTS to travel for shopping and etc, we can go to chatuchak for shopping. Thanks hope to hear from someone soon. Seems like the gays are starting to stream into the land of smiles for the WP. What is it like?.

Bali pinned thread so many random to read. No travel partner planned yet also. Thinking of going alone if none of my friends are willing to go.

Any recommdation for cheap but good hotel? Which beach is good? Also, will English language be okay there? Any advice will best happy ending massage batu ferringhi Scottsdale welcomed. This weekend who is free to go to batam with me? My Friend last min have urgent matters at home. So only me alone. I have only one more ticket to go. Please let me know by tmr. I will need to email the ppl there and make amendments to the particulars of the travelers.

Chinese will be preferred as well cos the dinner is non halal.