Body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley, California

body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley, California

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The City Council will consider revoking the use permits of two Berkeley massage parlors that are Berkeley, CA 's independent news getting a happy ending as has.
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The three establishments are subjects of dozens of explicit reviews on myRedBook and Rubmaps, online guides to prostitution services and strip clubs in the Bay Area. The reviewers detail a variety of sex acts that occurred between male patrons and female employees at the massage parlors, and rate the employees based on their physical characteristics. My clients are not prostitutes.

The reviews are all posted under pseudonyms, and Hu said the writers could have ulterior motives, such as personal grudges, or may be business competitors. City representatives at the public hearing said that the sheer quantity of reviews over the span of several years makes that argument flimsy.

Posts on the websites are reviewed for accuracy, and reviewers on Rubmaps must pay a membership fee before posting, said Code Enforcement Officer Gregory Daniels. Additionally, both Acupressure Health Center and Berkeley Alouette advertise on the websites. Please mention Redbook so we will know to give you the special services you deserve.

None of the massage parlors produced massage therapy certificates for the unlisted employees, though state law and city code require that certificates be publicly displayed in the establishment. Joseph Morehead, the attorney representing Crystal Massage, body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley, said the revocation of the permits would put the women who are listed on the establishment permits, all of whom do have massage therapy certificates, out of work.

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If you value Berkeleyside and the forum we provide for our community, California, please become a member. Prostitution is a complex issue. Far too often, the sex workers are villified and the customers virtually ignored. And I am glad that our zoning laws do not permit such open flouting of illegal activity. Thanks for this story, berkeleyside. A few times, I have had fleeting fantasies of going into one of these establishments and asking for a massage, an actual massage.

There actually are genuine massage establishments, after all. I never had the nerve. I have wondered how they would react if I came in and asked for a massage — maybe a deep tissue Swedish massage, or something.

Well, this action just pushed a bunch of women into unemployment. Selling pot and Lighting up a joint in public across the street from a high school is ok. Why would I move? For years one of my neighbors and friends was a famous local porn stars and sex therapists. The Berkeley Daily Planet was tantamount in helping make it happen. I reported the parlor to the City and nothing happened.

But once they did a story and sent an investigative reporter there pretending to be a client, they got shut down. I was tired of gross, sweaty men hanging out in cars outside of my apartment complex where children and single women lived. It was obvious what was going on in there to anyone with half a brain. Someone might want to look into those… I wonder if Berkeley Deer will be along any time soon to argue the merits of medicinal salt licks. All three parlors cited in the article employed unlicensed therapists.

One wonders why you spend any time on BERKELEYside if you hate Berkeley? One also wonders where you do live and do you like that place? I doubt I will get any answers but I had to ask. Seems Berkeley has become the go-to spot for illicit sex shops. While this is a well-intentioned act, Berkeley has so much more real crime ahem, see the assault of a guard and interrupted bank robbery a few posts earlierone wonders why police are wasting their time here.

Could just be a frequent flier. I had passed it for years and had no idea. Most of these massage parlors are for prostitution. No doubt about that!!!

I live in San Rafael city and many of the massage parlors here are just hub for prostitution. It seems as it was legal even are on busy streets like Lincoln Way and Fourh street downtown. I saw myself a pimp hanging around a massage parlor named Butterfly Spa.

The problem from my perspective is not that there is prostitution going on in these places but that with the human trafficking issues it is hard to know if these are people who choose to do this work or if they are forced into it, body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley. Because it is most likely they are forced lots of info and research is available on this topic these establishments have be shut down as quickly as possible to discourage human trafficking and slavery.

The issue is that one of the adults may not be consenting but forced into it. Sex slaves are everywhere, including Berkeley and human trafficking must be stopped. Are you certain the women in there places were working there by choice. Based on research on these types of establishments the chances that the women are willingly working there are very slim.

They will hopefully get the social services they need to be safe. Joseph Morehead, the attorney representing Crystal Massage, said the. You know what, I HEARD ABOUT that, actually! I believe pimps is the word he was looking for, body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley. Thank you BS for a well written article which included quotes from ZAB and the parlors. The way the two operations quickly closed up shop does have me wondering about the immigration status of the women being used as sex workers.

Please urge your council representatives to send a clear message by revoking the permits of these parlors. As a professional group we do not have the clout to fight the damage to our reputation and professional status. Good grief, I had no idea. Berkeley has become the go-to spot for illicit sex shops. This zoning body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley action really does nothing to curtail sex slavery or other forms of exploitation of women. And it all takes place when Berkeleyside comments say new establishments are popping California around town.

The rival establishments might or might not even have store-fronts per se. Sure, the up-front work is not California, but the actual mechanics of closing it down will require many hours that could be spent elsewhere.

As I said, I understand that view. However, the human trafficking is speculative internet research basedwhile the real crimes phoned in by witnesses are quite concrete, body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley. I just think there should be some discussion of resource allocation. If there had been such a tin-foil hat conspiracy as I described, it could hardly have worked better. According to comments on that site hw named, men are coming from Brentwood to these places, so the demand will persist, sigh.

Not sure that is accurate, city council votes to sustain the revocation of the use permit. Thank you, Berkeleyside, for your story on the recent shut-down of several massage parlors in Berkeley. But in truth there is nothing complicated about California trafficking and sexual slavery—whose victims are among the notoriously abused people on the planet. Do such things happen in the wonderful city of Berkeley?

The answer, most unfortunately, is yes. Do people care enough to do anything about it? For the most part, the answer is no. Seven years ago, the owner of the property, a prominent Berkeley businessman, leased a space at the body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley of the building to a massage parlor, whose operators signed a four year lease.

Of course, he knew exactly what he was doing. Anything for a buck. When we tenants discovered what was going on, I called the Berkeley Police, which did a sting operation and a bust.

What they found was a full-service brothel: all of the little cubicles with jars of condoms, the walls and floors spattered with semen. The operators, including the Madam, are Korean; all of the young women working there were Koreans who spoke no English at all and had nothing in the way of proper identification. Anticipating a language problem, the BPD brought with them an officer from the UC Police who spoke fluent Korean.

In other words, a number of brothels are part of organized crime. The pattern is always the same: the operators find young women in Korea who have incurred heavy credit card debt; they promise them lucrative jobs in the United States and give them a plane ticket.

They arrive only to discover there is no job; they have no skills and often speak no English, so it is easy to capture them into the so-called massage business. Large numbers of them live in a single apartment under horrendous conditions; they are kept in absolute poverty and have no way to escape from an incredibly degrading life.

There are many other sources of information about the sexual trafficking, which is a worldwide problem that extends right into the precious domain of the city of Berkeley. It took five years to get rid of the brothel from these premises. Immigration, the FBI, California, the IRS, the subsequent D. I was completely ignored—i. The overall message was unmistakably clear: no one gives a damn about these young women, body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley, their life of exploitation, the bleakness of their existence.

For most government agencies and for the people who run them, sexual trafficking is a yawner not deserving serious attention, much less action. Code violations are now seen as the most effective way of shutting down these places; in fact, it was the Berkeley Code Enforcement people who managed to close down the brothel in my building almost a year ago.

The space was empty for six or eight months and then a couple of months ago—to the total astonishment of myself and my fellow tenants—the owner of the building tried to rent the space to yet another brothel owner. We brought this matter to the attention of the business license department and the application was rejected. Personally, I think all of the pathetic Johns who are so in need of a handjob or a BJ should drive on over to Nevada, where prostitution is legal and the women regularly tested for STDs.

The conditions under which the sex workers earn a living in Nevada are likely better than they are here.

Of course there is no way of knowing which of the massage parlors are involved in sex trafficking, but this world-wide scourge extends to our fine city, without question.

And of course as soon as one of these places is shut down, they will find another location immediately. It is, after all, a very profitable business—although not for the actual sex workers.

I would like to see the property owners held legally accountable, but of course they get off without so much as a slap on the wrist. The sheer amount of time and energy it took to get rid of the brothel in the building where I have worked for so many years was not merely body massage with happy ending in noida Berkeley and frustrating; it was truly distressing to realize how few people have any concerns about sex trafficking and the sordid exploitation of so many young women.

No commentson how the defense attorneys last name is Morehead?! The economy is in shambles and taxpayers money is being spent on this mess. The main similarity between prostitution and Goldman Sachs is that you can get screwed by both, but the difference is in magnitude. On the other hand, boys like Goldman etc, California.

Why, Jamie Diamond was in the news recently having to face the media about huge losses on recent transactions. How many of those boys have you seen go to jail?

And the citizens of Berkeley cry about prostitution. I would also bet that those businesses and workers paid their taxes otherwise the IRS would have shut them down thus doing the city a big favor. Yes folks, witch hunts still take place,…. At least with a massage parlor you get the chance of having a happy ending. I think they ought to have an all male male massage parlor i know in some states they do. I do get my face shot off on occasionaly as well as down the throat too but not for money though.

We definitely need to get back at gross sweaty men. Now if dry attractive men wish to hang around, it might be different. I sure wish they had more massage Parlors where i live at right now run by all California. I read about all these places on Alouette and Crystal have been there for quite some time.

Both are fronts for happy ending massages. Not sure about sex but they do offer handjobs. The same with Alouette except the woman seemed to be high and nodding off in the middle of the massage.

Become a Berkeleyside member and support independent local journalism. Crack down on massage parlors suspected of prostitution. Alouette Massage on University Avenue, one of three Berkeley massage parlors under scrutiny by the City of Berkeley. Please keep our community civil. Comments should remain on topic and be respectful. I have walked past all these massage parlors and been amazed that prostitution was so openly tolerated. If you want to do illegal activity try being discreet.

None of these businesses were discreet. Reads more like the sorrows of a longstanding client. There are cases to be made for legalizing both marijuana and prostitution. Someone might want to look into those…. I wonder if Berkeley Deer will be along any time soon to argue the merits of medicinal salt licks.

Any attorney who makes this last statement also is fake. When I was a kid our family doc was Dr Gore, our dentist Dr Payne. I guess Crystal has come to an unhappy ending. Use Yelp to find a legit massage therapist. Put on a tin California hat and follow me down this rabbit hole:. This is pure speculation, mind you…. The Only Route for Bruce.

What exactly are you trying to say? I Agree with gimpylee. Clearly angel massage happy ending Shreveport, Louisiana is to make fun of Berkeley-ites and revel in shadenfreud over their stupidity. My E-mail address is : WBelcherjr I read about all these places on Alouette and Crystal have been there for quite some time.