Massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers, New York

massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers, New York

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Free and Low Cost Doulas in NYC. Contact doulas you are interested in directly. You can ask them their fees, experience, training, availability and set up an interview. Some are just birth doulas, some also do postpartum, breastfeeding and more.

My name is Miracle Allums and I am Postpartum Doula working toward my certification with Ancient Song Doula Services. I am based in Manhattan and currently serve New Mamas and their families in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens.

I come into Doula Work from a therapeutic background and aim to provide an inclusive, non-judgmental, loving and well-informed perspective to help you and your family get comfortable and adjusted as your family continues to expand and grow.

Fee is negotiable and sliding scale is available. All families will be served to the best of my ability and no one will be turned away based on ability to pay. I provide comprehensive doula services including childbirth education, lactation consulting, product consulting, and registry development.

I also provide herbal consultations and classes for women. I am inspired by the wisdom and art of Western community herbalism and the midwifery model of care, and therefore offer methodical, evidence-based support while embracing the unique and intuitive dimensions of healing, birthing, and womanhood. I am happy to support families of all constellations - it would be an honor to serve your growing family! I also have experience leading guided meditation very helpful during contractions!

My services extend to clients who have hospital births as well as at home births. I also would include one postnatal session free of charge.

I serve families throughout NYC and I work on a sliding scale. Happy ending mssage West Covina, California Jersey Licensed massage therapist.

Serving Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Morris and Hudson counties as well as NYC and Rockland county NY! I am a birth and post partum doula working toward my certification with Ancient Songs Doula Services.

I am located in Brooklyn, New York and serve mothers-to-be in the Lefferts Gardens, Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant and Brownsville areas. I am an open, patient and loving doula who takes pride in making sure that you the mother gets the best birthing experience possible. With Love, Adzua O. Serving NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City and areas easily reachable by train. I also understand and read Ukrainian if needed. Willing to work with the family and partners.

I am a labor doula working towards my Childbirth International Certification. I am based in Manhattan but serve women in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

I aim to create a tranquil and warm space as pregnancy and birth are times of great introspection as well as physical transformation. I am knowledgeable in meditation and visual imagery practice, as well as mindfulness practices. I would like to help you create the birth experience that is best for you. I have taken Infant CPR classes and Birth Education classes. Serving Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. If requested, I also provide birth photography services with my Sony DSLR camera at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

I strongly believe every Mom who wishes to have Doula support in birth should be able to have it, regardless of their income or financial means. My name is Olivia. I am trained as a labor and post partum doula DTIPlacenta encapsulator Full Circle Placenta. I want to "normalize" birth as something natural and pleasant. I have experience with natural home births, holistic breastfeeding exclusive, extended, pumpingbaby wearing and co sleeping. If desired, I offer aromatherapy use for labor and post partum, Placenta Encapsulation and tinctures,herbal yoni steams, breastfeeding support.

I work on a sliding scale and my fees are negotiable. Areas served: Brooklyn, Manhattan, parts of Queens and New Jersey. I look forward to hearing from you. I have knowledge of herbal remedies for prenatal and postpartum, massages with oils, and breathing techniques. I trained with Ancient Song New York and looking to become certified, New York. I also provide breastfeeding support and am strong advocate for natural childbirth. I serve Hudson county in New Jersey and NYC.

Please email me for more information. I am DONA and ASDS trained. I am currently working towards doula certification. I am a strong advocate for natural birth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, and traditional herbal medicine. Please contact me for fees. I have a massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers so I can work within all burroughs and NY State.

Bree loves incorporating rebozo techniques, HypnoBirthing, accupressure, birth balls, and aromatherapy into her doula work for home, birthing center, and hospital births. She is also a certified placenta specialist. I serve areas in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. I am an independently-trained doula who started out providing childbirth education and labor doula support to women in low-income and under-served communities.

My journey has brought me to Brooklyn, NY where I am currently in the Masters of Science Midwifery program at SUNY Downstate. My goal as a doula is to encourage and support mothers in their birthing choices, provide information and guidance if requested, and to empower mothers through their journey of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. I desire to see women having unhindered access to quality and personal care that respects them and fully informs them so that can make confident and informed decisions regarding their pregnancy and birth.

I believe birth is a normal, physiological process that works best when it is supported. I work to come alongside women in a way that listens to and guides women in their birthing experience. I believe in the power of women to give birth and bring life into the world — with New York inner strength and ability. I possessed a well-developed and innate ability to empathize and have compassion for pregnant and laboring women. I have life experiences that are wide and varied, and that reflects in my ability to relate-to and communicate with women from diverse backgrounds.

Areas Served; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and South Bronx. I am a labor doula working towards my DONA certification. I am based in downtown Brooklyn, and serve women in Manhattan and some parts of the Bronx and Queens as well.

I believe pregnancy and birth are times of deep spiritual and physical transformation, and I aim to create a warm, sacred space in which this can transpire. I am also a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor who can make Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations for both women and their partners in this time of transition.

I am a calm, loving presence who is quick with a laugh. Discounts are available to women in need. I incorporate a variety of relaxation and natural pain management techniques, including but not limited to massage, meditation, New York, visualization, accupressure, gemstone healing and aromatherapy. My services include at least one prenatal visit, continuous support during labor and delivery and breastfeeding assistance postpartum.

Childbirth and lactation classes are available as well. I would be honored to be present as support for your birthing experience, massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers, and I look forward to hearing happy ending massage gilroy Anaheim, California you. I am a birth doula working towards DONA certification based in Brooklyn. I serve women in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of the Bronx and Queens.

I believe that laboring women know instinctively what their bodies needs are and my only job is to encourage and help you on your journey towards meeting your child.

As a professional performer I love to create an environment where you are free to move,sing, or simply be still, massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers.

Whatever your heart desires! Please feel free to contact me for an initial interview to see if we are a good fit for each other. These warriors, inside each and every woman, possess gifts of: unconditional love, courage, resiliency, strength, patience, nurture and wisdom. In order for this warrior and her gifts to rise to the surface, she must be encircled with the infusion of love, compassion, encouragement and nurture, New York.

She must be given a secure, comfortable and non-judgmental space to which she can nurture her body and emotions, through the process of birthing or adoption. I serve the boroughs of NYC as well as upper and lower Westchester. The tools and promise I make to each and every client, with each and every new and growing family, before and after the birth or adoption is: Love, encouragement, companionship, and dedication.

I wish you all a beautiful life and would be honored to be a part of your journey. I believe that my skills as a therapist allow me to build a supportive and calm environment. I trust women and I trust the birthing process and fully support your goals for your birthing experience. I am available to provide comfort, relaxation techniques, imagery, mindfulness, and to cheer you on.

I will advocate for you and assist you in whatever way works for you. I would be honored to be with you during your birthing experience. I serve Queens, Nassau, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. I provide volunteer birth doula services as I work toward DONA certification in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of the Bronx and Queens.

I believe a womans body is able and equipped to do as it needs to deliver a healthy and happy baby, massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers.

I am a certifying DTI labor and post partum doula and working towards becoming a certified latation consultant and la leche league leader. I have my own breastfeeding experience as well as breastfeeding course knowledge and support group information to educate families during the prenatal time as well as assist in the post partum period. I look forward to serving various families through Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. Post partum work can massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers be for those adopting, single parent household and same sex couples.

I work on a sliding scale and my fees are always negotiable. I teach breastfeeding classes and "New Mom" classes. My services also include placenta: prints, smoothies, keepsakes, and salves. I also do WOMB SAUNA services, New York, and BELLY BINDING. I look forward in hearing from you. Servicing: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Placenta prints, keepsakes, and salves will have various pricing and packages are available. My name is Sabrina and I would love nothing more than to assist you in bringing your little bundle of joy into this world.

Having a steady support system during labor can make your experience alot easier than the rest and the benefits are proven to be numerous. Bringing a child into this world can be a whirlwind of emotions, and I aim to bring you the upmost tranquility and contentment with your birthing experience.

As a Doula, I accompany women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I draw upon my knowledge and experience to provide emotional support ambiance set up, birth preference and planning,relaxation techniques, mindfulness, resource information, physical comfort comfort positions and massage, breastfeeding assistance and communication with your health care provider to ensure you have the information needed to make informed decisions in labor.

As a doula, I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital. I also offer community resources and support for those in need. My fees are negotiable based on ability to pay. I am a mother of two children and live in Northern NJ.

I have experience working with people with various backgrounds and am available in my area as well as Manhattan. My fee is negotiable. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I am looking forward to meeting you and supporting you! I believe that every woman giving birth deserves support unconditionally whether at home or the hospital, before during and after.

My political beliefs are anything that dismantles all oppressive systems and to liberate those that suffer from it. I am here to uplift the mothers voice and to advocate for her rights. Regardless of gender, class, sexual orientation, religions, race, disabled and mental illness. I also service those experiencing miscarriage, abortion, surrogacy, still birth and adoption. My name is Larisa Cox. I am a new doula trained with DONA International and working towards my certification. I am located in Queens and can work with couples in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx as well.

I speak fluent Russian. I believe, every woman deserves a doula. And every woman deserves to have the birth she wants and dreams of. I am passionate about helping couples achieve their birth dreams. Together we will go over your birth plan, your fears and expectations; practice breathing and massage techniques, and birth positions; go over how to stay nourished and hydrated during labor; discuss different birth outcomes and interventions used during labor and the best ways to interact with the medical team to make sure we are prepared as best as we can for the most satisfying birth.

I provides Labor and Postpartum Doula services to families in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan primarily. I am happy ending massage therapist Vancouver, Washington working towards certification in lactation, New York. I am born and raised in Brooklyn, although I have spent much of my adult years outside of NY in Virginia, Washington, DC and Michigan.

I came to doula work simply because I want to help women. I want women to have what they want and need during a time of vulnerability and transition, and make sure they are treated with dignity, care and respect, New York.

That women feel empowered in however they choose to give birth. I am humbled and honored by the opportunity to assist you during this exciting time of your life. I am CBI Childbirth International certified Doula and Childbirth Educator. I am also a MSW Master of social work and working towards getting LMSW and becoming a psychotherapist. I provide physical, emotional and informational support as well as hands-on care before, during labor and in the postpartum period. I support parents whenever they choose home birth, birth center, or a hospital.

I assist with non-pharmacological methods of relaxation, help reduce the pain and provide emotional comfort and reassurance. I serve Queens and Manhattan. She is available to serve the Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan areas. Erin has also been rained on Doula Support for Survivors of Sexual and Physical Trauma and on Rebozo Technique. Erin is a calm, reassuring and extremely hardworking. She works intently to understand the needs of her clients and serves as a supportive, patient and resourceful doula who will be a loyal advocate for you and your partner.

Erin greatly enjoys traveling and exploring how different cultures understand and experience birth. She also loves learning languages and speaks Spanish, French and Pulaar.

As a Doula I will offer you as much or as little support as you need to walk you and your family through this new journey you are embarking on. Will cover care in NYC, Brooklyn and New New Jersey. Birth Support, Birth Preparation classes, Breastfeeding Support, Postpatrum Home Support.

A large part of my role is education. I assist with breastfeeding education. One of my main concerns is to make sure you, the mother, is fed, well hydrated, and comfortable.

I help you care for your postpartum body after birth and during any surgical recovery period from a cesarean section. I will lend a helping hand to a partner and or siblings during the transition of their new role. Household assistance during this time will be offered to keep things going smoothly.

Special needs may be provided as needed. This includes three prenatal sessions, labor and delivery and one postpartum visit, as well as email and phone support.

Rooted in the philosophy that every New York in the family is an individual and to be respected massage happy ending baltimore Eugene, Oregon such, the whole family is to be uplifted and empowered.

Every family is different, I help eases the transition of the family dynamic to accommodate the new baby by providing a holistic perspective to and for the whole family. I am a DONA trained postpartum doula serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens areas. Please email for suggested schedule and additional questions. I assist women before, during, and after their birth by discussing expectations of labor and delivery, helping with comfort measures and pain management, being present throughout the birth, and following up once after the birth to provide support to you and your baby.

I can provide that extra level of comfort and be another friendly presence while you are preparing for labor as well as when you deliver your baby. Please happy ending massage flushing Fort Collins, Colorado me if you are based in New York City and expecting a baby - it would be an honor to work with New York Thanks so much for your help - this site has been wonderful for me and I really really appreciate it.

I am currently not charging a fee while I finish my certification. In addition to birth doula services, I also offer postpartum services such as placenta encapsulation information and services, breastfeeding, and babywearing support. Please feel free to contact me for my fees on a sliding scale.

I am finishing my Doula certification through Dona. I am a caring patient women. I believe our bodies know how to give birth. Do good without show or fuss. If you must take the lead, lead so that the mother is helped, yet still free and in charge. Combining traditional coaching methods massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers mind-body techniques, research methodology, exercise science and spiritual midwifery, I offer an integrative approach to navigating the mental and physical terrain of healthcare experiences.

My mission is to empower you and I am happy to provide references who will speak to my ability to inspire and care for women and families. Ask me for samples! A recent client described my doula style as, "Really above and beyond.

A doula is such an effective aspect of birth and all women should have access to one if they want one. Thank you for looking and I wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling birth experience. My happy ending massage queens Knoxville, Tennessee is to help create and nurture your ideal birth and post partum period, whatever that might be.

I am trained as a labor and post partum doula DTIHypnobirthing childbirth educator, Dancing for Birth teacher, Rebozo instructor Gena KirbyPlacenta encapsulator NY state trainer for Full Circle Placenta and Certified Lactation Counselor. If desired, I offer aromatherapy use for labor and post partum, Placenta Encapsulation and tinctures, belly binding, herbal yoni steams, breastfeeding support and much else.

Please tantric genital massage video Salem, Oregon for more h massage indianapolis happy ending Newark, New Jersey. Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Jersey city, Hoboken, and Bergen county.

Fee is negotiable and based on ability to pay. Discounts available to those with incarcerated partners, single mothers and teenagers. Currently I am offering doula service for expectant mothers during the prenatal and labor period. I love helping mothers and supporting them during such a special time in their lives!

I studied as a Masters Level student at the Teachers College At Columbia University. I studied Psychological Counseling and Education. I am also a certifying American Council on Exercise Health Coach and American College of Sports Medicine certifying personal trainer.

I attend Le Leche League meetings and am a member of the American Pregnancy Association. I am also trained by Water Birth International. I provide labor support and breastfeeding support. I give military discount. With an understanding of the way politics, pregnancy, and identity intersect to shape experience, I strive to provide doula services that are empowering, accessible, and inclusive of all bodies and family structures. Fees are sliding scale and negotiable.

Background in yoga and meditation. I am a low-cost doula located in Brooklyn, and I serve all of New York City, including Long Island. I am a few weeks away from completion of my B. I have assisted many women in their labor and delivery. I work on a sliding scale, and do not turn away a woman solely based on inability to pay.

Your birth is such a sacred time in your life, I am overjoyed to share that time with you. I believe a woman has the power and choice in her birth. I am familiar with many forms of pain relief, inquire for more details! I reside in Brooklyn, NY and I am willing to serve clients in Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. I am currently studying under DONA International and Ancient Song Doula Services as a birth and postpartum doula.

Cloth diapering and baby wearing consultant. I am a full-time teacher middle school English, history, and healthso my availability is primarily on evenings and weekends. I strive to bring compassion, patience, and empowerment to my doula work. Servicing Manhattan Brooklyn, Bronx.

I am interested in volunteering as a postpartum doula this summer. I hope to bring compassion, patience, and empowerment to my volunteer work this summer. I plan to offer my services free of charge, and I would be willing to volunteer in any borough. Christina Diamond ChristinaTheDoula Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn served.

In addition to being a doula, I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor and a Lamaze Childbirth Educator in training. For rates and services, please visit: I am a doula in training with a little experience having attended two births.

My background is in social work and counseling. I am also fluent in Spanish and have worked with Spanish speaking moms. I am passionate about massage at all inclusive turned into happy ending Yonkers women have the birth experience New York want, educating women about their options, and advocating for empowerment and courage.

I also believe there is a very important and sacred role for partners and will include them as much as they would like. I can be flexible with the fee and with an additional appointments needed. I also work with an agency in NYC that helps connect doulas with young moms and am comfortable assisting younger moms with a sliding scale. I look forward to meeting with you! I am currently serving in Brooklyn and Manhattan. This includes two prenatal visits, so I can get to know you and your birth plan, labor and delivery, and one postpartum visit.

I look forward to working with you and assisting you to have your best birth! Childbirth education, birth and postpartum support. I serve Queens, Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn. Can also work with moms who speak French or Haitian Creole. Feel free to contact Caryne for more inquiries. Kesha King adoulaslove Serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island. Offering Lactation counseling, labor and postpartum support, postpartum night support, postpartum meal preparation, placenta encapsulation, placenta prints, placenta keep sakes, and salves.

Placenta prints, keep sakes, and salves will have various pricing. I serve Manhattan and Brooklyn. Please contact me with any questions. I would love to talk with you. I am a registered nurse and am working toward my certification as a birth doula.

I am required to attend two additional births to complete my certification. Until I become a certified birth doula, my fee will just be to cover my childcare costs if any and transportation. Once I become a certified birth doula, my fee will be commensurate with my experience sliding scale. I look forward to speaking with you and your partner if applicable about the role I can perform as your doula to provide you emotional and physical support and educational resources during your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum, and how I will also do my part to help ensure these life altering experiences are both incredibly positive and personally empowering.

Hannah Katz hannahkatzdoula Hello! Shoshana Cherson I am a birth and post-partum doula who is based out of Brooklyn. Lydia Doublestein lydoublestein I am a low-cost doula with a sliding scale fee. Brittney Kajdacsi Hello there! Dionna Littleton abeandblog.infoton Greetings!

Brittney Kajdacsi birthingwithbrittney Hello there! Sabrina Bejaoui Hello there! Michelle Bloom I am a DONA International trained birthing Doula. Trang Onderdonk abeandblog.infoonk I am a DONA International certified postpartum doula and trained birth doula. Irina Simidchieva I have recently moved here from East of Europe.